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250+ Solitaire Collection / 250+ Solitaires

"250+ Solitaire Collection" / "250+ Solitaires" is a collection of 253 Solitaire games. The collection contains as favorite solitaire games, such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and other, and there are a lot of original solitaires. For each game there is a description of rules and demonstration.

Application is available for next platform:
  • iOS 
    The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. 
    Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

  • Android
    The app is support all screen resolution of phones and tablets.
    Requires Android OS 1.6 or later.

  • Samsung Bada
    The app is support 800x480 and 400x240 screen resolution.
    Requires Bada OS 1.0 or later.

  • OS X
    Requires OS X version 10.7.0 or higher.

250+ Solitaires for iOS

There are two version of 250+ Solitaires for iOS:

250+ Solitaire collection for Android

There is only free version of program for Android. The advertising banner is displaying during the game.

Goggle company don't allows me to sell application using Android Market. Therefore there is only free version of "250+ Solitaire Collection" with ad.

Android app on Google Play

Download apk file

250+ Solitaire collection for Bada

There is only paid version of program for Bada.
Cost of program is $2.99.
Open in Samsung Apps for 800x480 screen resolution
Open in Samsung Apps for 400x240 screen resolution

250+ Solitaires for OS X

Requires OS X version 10.7.0 or higher.

Download on the App Store
Download program (250solitaires.dmg)

Alexei Anoshenko